Divine Liturgy – fixed parts

Here is the music for the fixed parts of the Divine Liturgy which are the same each service and can be sung by every person present.  The choir will lead the singing.  The choir will normally sing the changeable parts and some of the less changeable choir music is available in the choir section.

  1. Great Litany
  2. 1st Antiphon
  3. Little Litany
  4. 2nd Antiphon
  5. Only Begotten (“usual melody”)                                        Only Begotten (Kiev chant)
  6. Holy God
  7. At the Gospel
  8. Before the Creed
  9. Creed                    Creed (simple harmony)
  10. Before the Lord’s Prayer
  11. Our Father (simple harmony)
  12. It is truly right
  13. After the Lord’s Prayer
  14. After Communion (“usual melody”)                                After Communion (Novgorod chant)
  15. Dismissal