Who we are


The Eastern Church has been through centuries of troubles and persecution, but was spared the upheaval of the Western Reformation. Hence there is a long continuity in our faith and worship and quite a different ‘style’ from what you may be used to in a Catholic or Protestant church.  (See more information under What We Believe.)

Our parish is a home to people of all ages and many nationalities, including English, Scottish, Welsh, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Syrian, Scandinavian, Greek, German, Sri Lankan, Polish, Jordanian and more.  Once we pass through the doors of the church, though, we remember as St Paul tells us, ” In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek…” for all are one in Jesus Christ.  Find out more of what we believe under the About Us tab.

We worship in the Slavic tradition, rather than the Greek, for historical reasons. Our Services are mainly in English, though with small parts in Church Slavonic and Romanian. We do try, however,  to pray The Lord’s Prayer in every native language of those present. Please make someone aware if yours is not being used!



Archimandrite Kyril (Jenner) 

Reader Antony Hearn

Reader Botolph (Robert) Beavis


President Kate Hearn
Vice-president Botolph (Robert) Beavis
Secretary Cuthbert (Henry) McGrath
Treasurer Andrew (Neil) Brent
  Miglena Courtney
  Gregory (Milan) Perera
  Lydia Kellett
  Ursula Damaso Ruiz

The Parish Council is elected by the parish members. It meets regularly under the President. Its role is to manage and oversee the finances and  day-to-day running of the parish and the church building.


Your Nativity, O Mother of God, has made joy known to the whole inhabited world.  For from you there dawned the Son of Righteousness, Christ our God.  He abolished the curse and gave the blessing; and by making death of no effect he bestowed on us eternal life.

(Troparion of the Feast)