Parish Library

A parish library is a treasure, containing hundreds of books useful to the soul; it is a real blessing. It can be difficult to get access to Orthodox writings, especially in English. Everyone can benefit from the library.


The process of cataloguing the books that already exist in our library is now complete. The list will be posted here soon. The books are so precious, so will only be lent under certain conditions and these terms will be posted here after discussion with the parish council. After this, a system will be created to review the books; helping others to choose. Any donations are cheerfully accepted.


This separate system will help us hugely increase the number of books available. Parishoners can add their own books, that they are willing to lend but not donate, to a separate list. The borrowing terms would be discussed with each owner, to accommodate the owner’s conditions. If you would like to participate in this initiative, please send an email to the parish council with a list of books (containing title, author’s name and year of publication), the time-period you’d be willing to lend them and your conditions.