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Tea, coffee and refreshments afterwards.

Our church is open to all. Pop in to observe or join us for the service. Members of our community would love to meet you.






Our parish is a home to people from many ages and nationalities, including English, Scottish, Welsh, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Syrian, Scandinavian, Greek, German, Sri Lankan, Polish, Jordanian, Lebanese and American.

Services are mainly in English, with small parts in Church Slavonic and Romanian. Our aim is to pray The Lord’s Prayer in every native language of those present. Please make someone aware if yours is not being used. This website is available in multiple languages.



  • Children’s classes finished for the summer. Classes will restart in September. Please contact the council if you would like to sign your child up for the year.
  • Parish Council met on 29/07/18 There are a lot of important things going on in the life of the church – this is exciting for all of us and a challenge for those on the council. The council are looking for people who are willing to contribute more in a variety of ways for the life of parish, so please let us know if you think that could be you.
  • Fr John Behr’s visit on 22/07/18 Many thanks to Fr John Behr for leading us in a wonderfully instructive session, to all who brought lunch contributions lunch and to all who came and helped out in any way. A video recording of the session, plus Fr John’s sermon at the Divine Liturgy, will on the Parish YouTube channel in due course. Those on the mailing list will already have received an email copy of Fr John’s supporting text quotations.

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Co-op Charity

This year we have been nominated to receive charity donations from Clifton Village Co-op. If you live within 15 miles of Clifton Co-op and have a blue Co-op membership card, you can vote for more of their charity donation to come our way whenever you visit Clifton Co-op.


Use www.easyfundraising.org.uk for your online shopping – Amazon, John Lewis and hundreds of others. You just access your usual site via easyfunding, selecting our church as your chosen charity, and they give a percentage to the church. It’s easy once you have done it once. And it all adds up.


Singing in the Choir

SINGERS WANTED! Come and give it a try! Really! Speak to Tony (choirmaster) and join us for our next choir practice.

Archivist needed

Our Parish is seventy years old this year. Over the years we have collected a fair amount of material that makes up the history of our Parish community. Photographs and video are constantly being added to this. We now need an ARCHIVIST to keep track of all this. This would mean gathering and organizing written records, pictures etc., digitizing this, organizing earthbound and cloud storage. Etc.

Children and Young People

If you think you could serve our children or young people by teaching, organising activities or food (whether that is weekly or only occasionally) then please speak to Lydia at church.


Adult Classes

Henry (Cuthbert) runs a group, teaching about aspects of our Church and its faith. If you would like to join, just ask him in church or email secretary@bristol-orthodox-church.org.uk. This group is open to teenagers and adults and runs spontaneously after Divine Liturgy. TEACHING PROGRAMME NOW UPLOADED! See here

Children’s Classes

Children’s classes have now finished for the summer holidays. Christina is sadly leaving us this summer – WE NEED PEOPLE TO HELP OUT! It is hugely important for the young members of our Parish to know their faith. For those wishing to enrol their child for Autumn term a £5 minimum donation is suggested. This funds stationary and supplies for the rest of the year. Money should be handed to Neil or Lydia. For first time enrollment, please e-mail (vice-president@bristol-orthodox-church.co.uk) with your child’s name(s) and age(s).

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The Food Bank is now open again in church with a new closable box. Please contribute anything you can to help those in need.
   See our channel for videos of services and homilies.