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 Confession before liturgy from 10:00am.

Tea, coffee and refreshments afterwards.

Our church is open to all. Pop in to observe or join us for the service. Members of our community would love to meet you.






Our parish is a home to people from many ages and nationalities, including English, Scottish, Welsh, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Syrian, Scandinavian, Greek, German, Sri Lankan, Polish, Jordanian, Lebanese and American.

Services are mainly in English, with small parts in Church Slavonic and Romanian. Our aim is to pray The Lord’s Prayer in every native language of those present. Please make someone aware if yours is not being used. This website is available in multiple languages.




    This year, being our Parish’s 70th Anniversary, we shall have a special service on Wednesday, 19th December at 5.15 p.m. (NOTE UPDATED TIME!) The first service our parish celebrated seventy years ago was in the Chapter House of Bristol (Anglican) Cathedral. This year we shall celebrate Vespers and a Thanksgiving Service, again in Bristol Cathedral. This time, however, we shall be using the Lady Chapel. More details soon, but RESERVE THE DATE NOW!

  • New parking charges. And we only get 2 hours. Parking in nearby West End multistory is quite reasonable.
  • Children’s classes. Classes have restarted and we now run two age groups. Please contact Lydia or another member of the council if you would like to sign up your child.

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See the Raise Money page for easy ways to donate, even for free while shopping.


There are a number of opportunities to get involved in parish life and to serve at the moment. See the Serve page and let us know if there are other ways you would like to serve.


We have children’s and adult’s catechesis classes – see the Catechesis page for more details.

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The Food Bank is now open again in church with a new closable box. Please contribute anything you can to help those in need.
   See our channel for videos of services and homilies.