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God has gone up with a shout: the Lord with the sound of the trumpet.



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In line with directions from the government and our Archdiocese:

  • All services in church are suspended. 
  • The church is closed to the public.

As soon as this situation changes we will announce it here. 

Streamed Service Replacements:
Meanwhile we must continue to pray together. This way we will all be praying together and we shall all continue to keep holy the Lord’s Day and glorify his Resurrection. On other days we can read the service of the Hours and Typika.

Text for Services:

Below are the texts of services that can be read and sung at home by one or more people. We have added those for the period from Thomas Sunday to Pentecost.

There is no obligation to read everything in its entirety, please adapt as needed for your personal circumstances. For example, you can omit one or both of the Hours if your children can’t concentrate for that long, or spread different bits of reading out among the family.

Prayers for the Coronavirus Pandemic:

Prayers have been collated that you can use specifically during this crisis.

Prayers for the Coronavirus Pandemic pdf

Online Sunday School:

Our Archdiocese of Thyateira is running Sunday afternoon online Sunday School for 6 to 18 years olds.  Email to sign up. See their web page for more details:

Charitable Effort:

As long as we are fit and healthy and have time, it is a Christian virtue to help others.  There will be local initiatives to help others.  Do keep your ears open and your hands available. Please look after your neighbours and keep in touch with the parish, friends and relatives by phone or online.


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If you wish to have a Memorial Service (Pannikhida) for the departed celebrated, please email our Parish Priest and include the date and names.

Sunday, 31st May: sung Typika, 10.30 a.m. via the Parish Facebook page.

SUNDAY of the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council


Archimandrite Kyril Jenner

John 17:1-13

“Holy Father, protect them in your name, those that you have given me, that they may be one, as we are one.” (John 17:11)

The unity of the Father and the Son is a mystery beyond our comprehension. On this day of the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council we are not, however, required to attempt to understand it, merely to try to emulate it. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was perfectly obedient to his heavenly Father. We are likewise called to be united in our obedience to God.

The First Ecumenical Council was called to meet in Nicaea in the year 325 A.D. to sort out disagreements between Christian teachers, differences that were disturbing the peace of the Roman Empire. The different teachers all thought that what they taught was the authentic tradition of the Church. Inevitably, as in many human disputes, matters got very personal. There were many arguments over the right form of words to be used, with different people pushing for their particular version to be approved.

Those debating were a relatively small number of the gathered assembly of bishops and other clergy. The majority had to come to a consensus. This majority came from all parts of the Roman Empire (including Britain), and included many who had suffered imprisonment and torture for their faith under the last period of persecution started by the Emperor Diocletian and which had ended only a few years before the meeting of the Council.

These bishops resolved to affirm the unity of the Father and the Son, declaring them both to be truly the one God. In doing this they also worked at finding unity amongst themselves, so that they could produce a final text of the first version of what has become known as the Nicene Creed, starting with the words “We believe in one God”.

The full working out of the meaning of what they affirmed took a long time and several more Councils. We have the benefit of hindsight to enable us to look back and see the stages through which the formulation of the Church’s teaching was clarified. We have the obligation to try to maintain the unity expressed by the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council. Our theologians have the obligation to work at expressing that teaching in the language of today, so that we may assert our unity with one another and with the tradition of the Church, and be united in our witness to who God is and what he has done for us, particularly in the work of our Lord Jesus Christ – his teaching, healings, crucifixion and death, his resurrection and ascension, and his sending of the Holy Spirit to be with us as he was with the Holy Fathers.


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