PARISH NEWS for week beginning 6/1/19

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Our community holds an Annual General Meeting. This is not a mere formality. It is the opportunity for us all as a parish community to meet together, to review the past year and to look forward to the new year. Our Community is seventy years old and growing. This means we have to plan for the future. Our Parish Council is charged with overseeing the management of our parish life. It is important to each one of us. For instance, do you know how many councillors we have? Do you know how much money our Parish receives and spends each year? Do you know how many activities and events we organize? Here is your chance to find out!

More than that, this is your chance to play an active part. Four of the eight Councillors stand down each two years in rotation That means there are four vacancies on the Council to be filled by election. ALL FOUR ARE OPEN to any member of the parish to stand for election. Might this be you?

Our Parish Annual General Meeting will be held after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, 3rd. February 2019. Everyone will receive the Agenda by email. If you would like to put yourself forward for election, please email info@bristol-orthodox-church.co.uk


Sunday, January 13th.

Fast free

9.30 a.m. Baptism

10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

Tone 8. Thirty-third Sunday after Pentecost.

Sunday after the Theophany

Afterfeast of the Theophany

Monday, January 14th. Leave-taking of The Theophany
Sunday, January 20th. 10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

followed by Parish Council Meeting

Tone 1. Thirty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost.
Saturday, January 26th. 5.00 p.m. Choir Practice

6.30. p.m. Vespers

Sunday, January 27th. 10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy Tone 2. Thirty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost.
Friday, February 1st. 6.30 p.m. Vespers Eve of The Meeting of Our Lord in The Temple
Saturday, February 2nd. 9.00 a.m. Divine Liturgy The Meeting of Our Lord in The Temple
Sunday, February 3rd. 10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

Bring-and-share lunch

followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Parish

Tone 3. Thirty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost.

Afterfeast of the Meeting of Our Lord in The Temple.

Righteous Simeon the God-Receiver and Anna the prophetess.

Sunday, February 10th. 10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy Tone 4. Thirty-seventh Sunday after Pentecost.
Sunday, February 17th. 10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy Tone 5. Thirty-eighth Sunday after Pentecost.

St Mariamni

Sunday, February 24th. 10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy Tone 6. Thirty-ninth Sunday after Pentecost.
SOME SAINTS’ DAYS this week:
Sunday: Martyrs Hermylos the deacon and Stratonikos of Singidunum (Beograd) (c315)
The Fathers Slain at Raithu (4th – 5th c)
St Nino of Georgia (c339)
St Sava 1, Archbishop of Serbia (1236)
Tuesday: St Paul of Thebes (341)and St John the Hut-dweller (5th c)
Wednesday: Veneration of the Chains of the Apostle Peter
Thursday: St Antony the Great (356)

Friday: St Athanasios the Great (373) and St Cyril (444), Archbishops of Alexandria

Saturday: St Makarios the Great of Egypt (473)

“The Church in The British Isles will only begin to grow when she begins to venerate her own saints again”     (Saint Arsenios of Paros †1877)
So, this week we celebrate:
St Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers (367/8)
St Just, monk in Cornwall (6th c)
St Kentigern (Cyndeyrn, Mungo), first Bishop of Glasgow and Strathclyde (c 612)
St Maurus, disciple of St Benedict (584)
St Ceowulf, King of Northumbria and monk (764)
St Honoratus, Archbishop of Arles and founder of Lérins monastery (429)
St Sigebryht (Sigeberht), King of the East Angles and martyr (635)
St Fursey of Burgundy and Burgh Castle (650)
Saturday: St Branwalator (Branwaldr, Brelade, Breward), monk in Cornwall and the Channel Islands