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Oecumenical Patriarchate
Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain
University Road, Bristol BS8 1SP


PARISH NEWS for week beginning 10/12/17

CALENDAR up to Christmas

Serbian Vespers on Sunday December 17th at 5 p.m.


Sunday, December 10th.

10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

Tone 2. Twenty-seventh Sunday after Pentecost.

Sunday, December 17th.

10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy



5.00 p.m. Serbian Vespers

Tone 3. Twenty-eighth Sunday after Pentecost.

Sunday of the Holy Forefathers.

Wednesday, December 20th.

Strict fasting from now till the feast.

Start of the Forefeast of the Nativity

Sunday, December 24th.

Strict fast day. “In principle, no solid food should be eaten until the first star is seen in the evening sky (or at the very least, until after the Vespers”).

10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

12 noon. Vespers

Be prepared to stay later today to celebrate the first service of the Feast!

Tone 4. Twenty-ninth Sunday after Pentecost.

Sunday before Nativity.

Eve of the Nativity

Monday, December 25th.

9.00 a.m. Divine Liturgy

NATIVITY OF THE LORD. Christmas. (New Calendar)





We are organising a children’s Christmas party in our church. After discussing with Fr. Kyril, the best time for it was agreed to be the Sunday, the 31st of December, after the Liturgy.

The party will comprise five sections:

1. Singing of a festal song (the troparion of the Feast) by the children. This will be taught by Tony, at a short practice after the Liturgy, before the Sunday School, on November 19/26 and December 10/17.

2. Reading to the children the Nativity Story from an Orthodox Perspective, illustrated with icons/icon-like drawings.

3. Sermon/Q&A session for the children by Fr. Kyril about the Nativity icon/story.

4. Presents for children – we are trying to get a present for each child. It will comprise Orthodox items, plus some sweets. We would need a donation of 4 pounds/child, in order to be able to get things ordered.

5. Some child-friendly food will be served at the end.

If you would like for your child to participate, please either email me on or enlist your child on the list available on the table next to the candles.

If anyone has any other ideas they would like to add, please send them THIS WEEK. Also, anyone who would be happy to help, please write to the same address.

If the date is not convenient, please let us know, but there was a reason for choosing it. In Fr. Kyril’s own words: “As regards the date, the children need to be aware that in church there is a distinction between the “fasting season” (November 15th – December 24th) and the “festive season” (December 25th., to, variously, December 31st, January 4th, or February 2nd).



Message from Robert (Botolph) Beavis:

Christmas is the food bank’s hardest time, donations of non-perishables are greatly needed.

I am willing, if people don’t know what to buy, to take a cash donation and go shopping on their behalf. A couple of people used to do that when we first started collecting, and it would be worth starting again if needed.

We are now one of the Clifton Village Co-Op’s local causes. People with Co-Op cards who live within 15 miles of Clifton village can choose to donate to the church every time they shop at a National (blue signage) Co-Op. 1% of money taken on own-brand products goes to the three local causes. Anybody who is a parish member with a Co-Op card can go to the Co-Op membership website and nominate us as their local charity. Google “Co-Op local causes” for general information, will have further details eventually.

If anyone in our own community is in real need, Fr Kyril and Robert can both sign the vouchers needed to receive a food parcel. They can be approached in the strictest confidence.

Reader Botolph (Robert) Beavis




Doesn’t mean a lot to you? If you have a Google Calendar on your phone or PC you can sync[hronize] it with the Parish website’s own Google Calendar. That way your own calendar will always have the church dates and details on it.


December next year (2018) will be the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the parish. Next year is also our fiftieth year in this building. Built in the 1880s, it is aging gracefully. Like all old things, it needs a bit more care and attention than it used to! The parish council is about to spend £3600 re-pointing the masonry in the porch, which is on the verge of becoming dangerous. More money will be needed to renovate the Sanctuary, which will soon fall into disrepair. To fund this and other building work, the parish council proposes to launch the Anniversary Appeal.

One Sunday a month, we will hold a second collection after the Liturgy, the money from which will be saved to cover the cost of repairs. The appeal will run from December 2017 to our anniversary in December 2018. Please, if you can afford to, consider making a second donation on these Sundays.

If you wish to make a particular donation, please see our Treasurer, Neil (Andrew) Brent on a Sunday, or email



1. Children’s Catechism Class

The children’s classes re-commenced on the 22nd of September.

For those wishing to enrol their child for the first time and those who are re-registering for the new year (2017/2018), a £5 minimum donation is suggested which will fund stationary and other items required during the classes for the rest of the year. Please give the money to Christina in church when you see her!

If you are registering your child/children for the first time, please e-mail Christina ( their names and their ages or inform her about them on a Sunday.


” I am grateful to all the parents who have continued to encourage their children to come to these classes. I have seen the children progress in terms of their knowledge and education towards the faith as well as their behaviour in church. It is very important for the children to be learning more about the church and the Christian faith every day but also important that they’re comfortable with the people surrounding them. For that, I wish for these classes to remain scheduled even after my possible departure next year. I urge anyone who is free and willing to take up teaching these classes to contact me a.s.a.p. You will be required to cover for classes when I’m away but then will continue as full time when I leave Bristol for good. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I hope to hear from people soon! “

2. For older people…

Henry (Cuthbert) McGrath is running a group for teenagers and adults, teaching about aspects of our Church and its faith. If you would like to join in with this just ask him in church on a Sunday or email him ( NB new email address.

N.B. This group is open to anyone from 12 years upwards.


Kate Hearn has always got a selection of home-produced jams, chutneys, etc. – even honey sometimes – for sale after the services.


Do keep an eye on the icons that Raluca mounts and puts on sale in church. Perhaps you have room for one in your home? Have you seen her Facebook page (Raluca Ortodox Icons) yet ?


Our church and church life cost a lot to keep going. We are very grateful for all the support that is given through the collections and gifts. One of the periodic sources of funds comes from bequests – sums that people leave the church in their will. When you make your will (and you should!) please remember our church. (St John Chrysostom said that we should regard the church as a daughter in this respect!) Ask our Treasurer, Neil Brent, for more details. Either see him in church or email:

Posted 9th December 2017

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