Maintenance team

If you like a bit of DIY and would like to help maintain the building, speak to Robert

Social and Hospitality Team

If you like organising social gatherings and events, speak to someone on the council


If you like greeting people and can make it early to Sunday services (on a rota), speak to Lydia

Singing in the Choir

If you like to sing or would like to learn to be part of the choir, speak to Tony

Archivist needed

Our Parish is seventy years old this year. Over the years we have collected a fair amount of material that makes up the history of our Parish community. Photographs and video are constantly being added to this. We now need an ARCHIVIST to keep track of all this. This would mean gathering and organizing written records, pictures etc., digitizing this, organizing earthbound and cloud storage. Etc.

Children and Young People

if you like to work with children and can lead a fun class minimum once a month, speak to Lydia


If you like to keep things clean and tidy and would like to do this with our Church building, speak to Kate

Parish Council

(elections Jan 2020) – If you would like to stand, please become a voting member and put your name forward