What We Believe

Orthodox Chritianity can seem mysterious and foreign and has been referred to as ‘Christianity’s best kept secret’. Instead of attempting to explain our rich faith in a few words, we have collected links to enable you to find out as much (or as little) as you would like. After all, we don’t need to explain our individual parish’s beliefs as they are shared with Eastern Orthodox churches as a whole and maintained throughout 2,000 years of Christianity.


Introduction to Orthodoxy – resources, GOA

The Orthodox Faith – comprehensive online resources

Orthodox Christian Information Centre – wealth of resources

Questions and Answers about Orthodoxy – Extensive questions, OCA


Y²AM – Be the Bee, The Trench and Live the Word Series


Orthodoxy Is… Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Orthodox View of Salvation


Adult Classes: Henry (Cuthbert) is running a group,teaching about aspects of our Church and its faith. If you would like to join in with this just ask him in church on a Sunday or email him (secretary@bristol-orthodox-church.org.uk). This group is open to anyone from 12 years upwards and it runs spontaneously after Divine Liturgy.

Check the Resources and Links tab: Learning About Our Faith for our Teaching Programme

Children’s Classes: For those wishing to enrol their child for the first time and those who are re-enrolling for the new year (2017/2018), a £5 minimum donation is suggested. This funds stationary and supplies for the rest of the year. Money should be handed to Christina. For first time enrollment, please e-mail Christina (vice-president@bristol-orthodox-church.co.uk) with their names and ages.