Who we are


Our parish is a home to people from many ages and nationalities, including English, Scottish, Welsh, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Syrian, Scandinavian, Greek, German, Sri Lankan, Polish, Jordanian, Lebanese and American.

Services are mainly in English, with small parts in Church Slavonic and Romanian. Our aim is to pray The Lord’s Prayer in every native language of those present. Please make someone aware if yours is not being used. This website is available in multiple languages.


President Kate Hearn
Vice-president Christina Fraij
Secretary Cuthbert McGrath
Treasurer Neil Brent
  Vladislav Tadic
  Miglena Courtney
  Botolph (Robert) Beavis
  Lydia Kellett

Message from the President:

Our parish held its Annual General Meeting last Sunday (21st January 2018) where we reviewed the past year, considered the year to come and elected or re-elected four councillors to the Parish Council – …You can see from the list of events above that we are planning a busy year, and we hope you will support these events to make them successful. If you have anything you want to say about our parish life, please do come and talk with me or one of the other Councillors.

With love in Christ,

Kate Hearn


Archimandrite. Kyril